BLOWN is from the small town of Nyon, Switzerland and has nevertheless set its mark on the Swiss metal and hardcore scene with its line-up, unchanged and going strong since 2000, composed of Schahin – vocals, Maxime – bass, Fred – guitar, Marc – drums and Aaron – guitar.
In the beginning taking its inspiration and core sound from different musical influences and backgrounds, such as Bay Area trash and 90ies hardcore bands, BLOWN was then set to evolve and take on new ideas and inspiration to further continue to spread its sound with a merciless blend of modern metal.
Having toured the four corners of Switzerland and also performed live shows in Germany and France with bands such as CATARACT (CH), FIRST BLOOD (USA), GALLOWS (UK), FULL BLOWN CHAOS (USA), 25 TA LIFE (USA) and BORN FROM PAIN (NL) to name a few, the band’s reputation fast grew to be known as a live “war machine” because of its intense and ferocious shows.
After the first two full length albums, Spreading Seeds (2002) released on Condor Records, and Into Shadows of Fear (2007) released on Subversiv Record, the band, after countless hours and dedication to its music, released it’s highly anticipated album Through Demon’s Eyes on Subversiv Records and Nyoncore Records (2014). The band was broadcasted on various radios (Couleur3, Virus, RaBe) and TV shows (RTS, MTV Headbanger’s Ball) to promote their merciless blend of metal and hardcore music. The band is heavily armed and eager to conquer new horizons and further play for its old as well as new but always amazing fans.
Now, spread the word, get ready, tighten all loose items, lock the door, close the shutters, get on board, buckle-up, hold-on, and most of all don’t forget to put a smile on your face…. Blown is set to take you on a new bone crushing musical journey.